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Spend less time doing homework and more time doing you with CosmosAI's fast and accurate homework solving tools for students!

Our Products
Cosmos Cube
A handheld, portable device that allows you to solve problems in class.
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Cosmos Web
A web-based application that allows you to solve problems on your computer or phone.
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Our Fundementals
Privacy Focused
CosmosAI stores your data securely and will NEVER sell your data to any 3rd parties.
Fast & Accurate
CosmosAI can solve problems very quickly, but we don't trade speed for accuracy!
Simple To Use
CosmosAI is super simple! We focus on creating high quality solutions that anyone can use!
What Makes Cosmos Different?
Cosmos Solver doesn't just mimic answers like a chatbot; it uses programs to actively solve problems.
This allows our solver to do much more accurate math computations. You can read more below!
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Learn About CWRITE
CWRITE is a device that allows you to scan your homework, answer it using Cosmos and write the answer in your handwriting.
CWRITE is still in development!
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